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Women in Commercial Real Estate 


Are you a women in the COMMERCIAL real estate industry, investing, developing, or brokering real estate deals OR women looking to be mentored to get involved in commercial real estate (CRE).

Wired is a mentoring group for women who aspire to be brokers, developers, or investors! We focus on commercial real estate and commercial investing. We don’t specialize in residential or house flipping.

WIRED is a collective of female commercial brokers, developers and investors or for women who are actively working towards careers in commercial real estate.  The other type of member is if you're wanting to invest in commercial real estate.  If this describes you, we'd love you to join!

Construction Services 



At Complete Construction Service, a commercial construction company in the Kansas City market, Sheryl Vickers connects people in the CRE industry (developers, brokers, architects, and company owners) with the Complete Construction Service team who can partner with them on several levels to turn their vision and plans into reality. Sheryl stays connected and communicating with trusted clients and partners so that the company can navigate the construction process together and craft the end experience to realize their goals.

Complete Construction Service
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